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My Second Anointing Experience

There as of now exist wellsprings of points of interest of the second blessing and I likely won't add to that assortment of information. Be that as it may, I am presenting this record on affirm the law does really occur at present, as I have gotten the statute, and how it is as of now performed.

I express the names of the Apostle and Seventy required and also the date and real sanctuary so that the validity can't be addressed. I have not specified my own particular name as I wish the accentuation to be on the point of the statute itself. It is not to shield my namelessness from the congregation, as the First Presidency will have the capacity to recognize me from this record inside minutes, if not quickly.



The day itself – what happened

Emotions a short time later

Made a request to name others




In March 2011 Elder Harold said he was stretching out to me and my better half (she was absent), for the benefit of President Hinckley, an encouragement to get an "extraordinary gift" in the Preston England Temple. He solicited whether I had gotten notification from the "second enrichment" to which I answered no. I later disclosed to him that I had known about it, however was so staggered by his welcome my brain went clear with respect to the matter.

He revealed to me not very many individuals get this gift and it must be kept mystery. He said if the general participation thought about it there would be issues. More would need to get the law than the missionaries have room schedule-wise to oblige and individuals would ask why "so thus" had gotten it yet they had not. I should not tell my youngsters. He said I ought to simply reveal to them that their mom and I were leaving for the day or end of the week. He prescribed I read all that Elder Bruce R. McConkie had composed regarding the matter of "ensuring".