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Why Atheism?

Why God(s)? Why Not?

The possibility of an all-controlling, mindful heavenly god is an exceptionally appealing one. It can make our mortal lives appear to be less alarming, all the more consoling. Some person's in charge and won't let awful things transpire. Numerous divine beings additionally guarantee that we can go to paradise after we kick the bucket, to live perpetually in some kind of rapture.

The possibility of a divine being is additionally a simple response to inquiries concerning our general surroundings. Where did the universe originated from? God made it. Where did life originate from? God made it, as well. Where did people originate from? God made us, and in his own particular picture, to boot.


Religious rationalists have striven for a large number of years to demonstrate that there is a divine being or numerous divine beings. They have thought of numerous contentions. We will take a gander at these contentions. Since I live in a generally Judeo-Christian culture, when I allude to God with a capital "G" I will allude to the Judeo-Christian god Yahweh (a.k.a. Jehovah) and most likely the Muslim god Allah. This god is commonly characterized as having through and through freedom, and being omniscient (all-knowing), all-powerful (all-intense), omnibenevolent (all-great), impeccable, everlasting, and constant. This god additionally made the universe and is separate from the physical world while as yet interceding in the physical world. All things considered, what great is a divine being that doesn't isn't that right? The majority of the contentions I use here will likewise apply to the vast majority of alternate thousands divine beings made by mankind, and the vast majority of the a great many religions. I unquestionably don't have the foggiest idea about every one of them, so I will manage the greater part of the significant religions and their god(s). I will likewise nearly interface god(s) and religion. I do this thoughtfully in light of the fact that, for a great many people, one couldn't exist without the other. Furthermore, if there were a divine being I would surmise that this god would have the capacity to properly manage the religions made for it.